How to Get Your Domain Name and Web Hosting

How to Get Your Domain Name and Web Hosting

One of the most common questions I get asked by first-time website owners is, ” what is the difference between a domain name and web hosting?”

The simple answer to the difference between a domain name and web hosting is that a domain name is your website address or URL (www.yourwebsite.com) and the hosting is a folder on the server where your website files live.

Let’s put this into practical terms. 
A domain is like your house address, and the hosting is your house. When people want to visit you, they’d have to get your house directions by searching for your address.

Where Do I get The Domain Name and Web Hosting?

It is now easier than ever to buy a domain name and hosting. A few years ago, I built my first website, and the process was a bit difficult then. I had to buy a domain name from one company and the hosting from another. I then had to connect the domain to my hosting. These days you don’t have to do it that way. Most web hosting companies offer domain registry as well.

Choosing The Right Domain Name and Web Hosting

Choosing the right domain name is getting a little confusing with time. The chances are that the domain you want to register is unavailable. For example, if you’re going to register the domain “www.icebox.com,” there’s a huge chance that the name it’s unavailable to register. The system might give you some suggestions like using .org, .net, etc. It is very tempting to buy register the name you want with a different extension, but I would highly discourage you from doing that.

When looking for a name to register, make sure that it’s unique and that it represents your organization well.

Web Hosting is another element you have to consider very carefully. You have to make sure that your hosting meets your business goals and needs. That being said, it is rather difficult to pick the right hosting because the chances are that you have no clue what the stats are saying. It is for this reason that I went through some of the best providers on the market right now and came up with one great service that has worked for me and am sure would work for you as well.

Here’s the list of the things I looked at when choosing the right web hosting provider.

Customer Support

It is very common even for web designers to have questions about hosting. A great hosting company should have a great support team that attends to customers tickets promptly.

Support For WordPress

WordPress is the most common web platform. I believe that a good hosting should provide an easy way to install WordPress.

Free SSL

For those that don’t know what an SSL Certificate is, I want to say that Google just started sending emails to websites that don’t have an SSL certificate installed. The SSL makes your site secure. Am sure you’ve seen websites with a green lock before the URL. It may also say SECURE and starts with https:// and not HTTP://.  Google will stop ranking websites that are not secured, and above all, whenever visitors visit your website, they’ll get a warning that the website is not secured.

Many web hosting providers charge anywhere from $70 to $140 for an SSL certificate. I think its always great to go with the providers that offer this service for free.


I am sure you know the difference between a hard drive and solid state. The hard drives are slow while the solid state drives are fast. Many providers are still using hard drives. Therefore their servers are a little slow. This affects your website’s loading time. So make sure that the provider uses solid state drives.

These are just some of the things I looked at when choosing the right hosting for me.

Where To Purchase a Domain Name and Web Hosting
The hosting market is saturated with web hosting providers. Some have been in the business for a long time, and others are new. I would like to say that it is overwhelming to search because people don’t have the time to spend on research.

Here’s is my number one recommendation and I also provide a simple step by step tutorial on how to register your domain name and web hosting.

To get started to click the button below to take you to the hosting company. A new window will open up while this one will remain open. Please follow the steps below.


When you get to the landing page, you’ll see that this company is all about web hosting.

Here’s what to do next..

Choosing Your Plan

Just below the Hero Section, you’ll see a section that displays about four hosting plans. If you’re starting out, I would recommend you start with the Shared Hosting. If you’re already in the game and have a large following already, then go with the Cloud Sites.


Click on one of the options above depending on your needs.
In this case, I chose the Shared Hosting. See the image below on what to do next.


The image above shows the different plans within the Shared Hosting.
I clicked on the Starter Plan for $2.95/month. This is what happens next.


registering your Domain Name

This is where you register your domain name. Please enter the domain you wish to register. Please don’t include the www. Once you enter the domain name, choose the extension from the drop-down menu. I would suggest you pick .com, org or net.

If the domain name is taken, the system will let you know. At this time you’ll also be presented with some suggestions. You may choose from the opinions or try a new name.

If your domain name is available, you’ll see the next screen.

Paying For The Domain Name and Web Hosting

Please enter all the required fields including payment information. The last section of the form is critical. Here are my suggestions for this part.

Choose your data center – choose the closest to you.
Period – If you have some extra money to spend, I would suggest buying multiple years. It’s cheaper, and it means you won’t have to worry about renewing the plan for a few years.

Please check the Domain Privacy. This is very important if you don’t want people to spam your mailbox with web design offers.

Finally, check the “I agree to the Terms” checkbox and proceed to checkout.

Please make sure that you keep your password safe because you’ll need it to log in to your web hosting account.

Confirmation and Activation

Please make sure you don’t skip this step. Once you submit the form, you will receive two emails. The first one will include information about your hosting account. This is the email you should send to your website designer.

The second email is a requirement for you to verify your email account. It is imperative that you click on the link to confirm your email. If this does not happen, the provider will shut down your account until you verify.



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