Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions people ask about NonprofitHut. Click on the question to reveal the answer. We hope you find the answer to your question. In case you still have questions Please send us an email.

General FAQs

What is the main Purpose of NonprofitHut?
The main reason why NonprofitHut was formed is to teach and provide resources that help nonprofit organization Boost their Donor acquisition and online giving. We use our experience in Digital Marketing, Web Design, and User Experience Design to help Nonprofits improve their web presence and experience.
How can a website help me get more donors?
The website alone cannot help you get more donors. At NonprofitHut, we teach how to design a website that converts by helping you display the information that people are looking for. We also help you create a platform that serves not only your cause but creates value for the donors to keep them donating and supporting your cause.
Why do you teach marketing to nonprofit organizations?
We teach you the same techniques top marketers use to create wealth for their for-profit organizations. Let’s face it, as a nonprofit you have the same expenses as a for-profit organization and are fishing from the same pond. In order to compete, you have to use the strategies that seem to work for the business world.   
Can a nonprofit make profit?
The simple answer is YES and you should try to make a profit to ensure sustainability. Remember that the only difference between a nonprofit and a for-profit organization is that by law a nonprofit cannot distribute it’s profits to private individuals. 


Do you do a face-face consultation?
We do face-face consultations but we do encourage video or phone consultations to cut down on the travel costs. We also realize that some of our clients prefer face-face consultation and for that, we can make arrangements.
Do I need to have special equipment to do a video consultation?
You don’t need special software or equipment to do video consultation. We have a dedicated video conferencing software that doesn’t require download if you’re using a computer. In case you decide to use a phone, we will send you a link to download a conferencing app for ios or android.
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