The Story of My Life and How I became a Problem Solver.

I’ve always been that person people call for advice or when they need a solution to a problem.

I grew up in a family of engineers. As the youngest of the Four boys then, I felt inferior because I was surrounded by very smart brothers. I saw and witnessed them discuss complex issues and always came up with very logical solutions. As the youngest guy at the time, it also meant that I was always in the middle of scrutiny. My brothers criticized everything I did and always asked me things like, “why didn’t you do this or that?” and still demanded an explanation for every wrong or right thing I did.

For example One of my brothers used to check my homework every day. It didn’t matter whether the answer was wrong or right, my brother would ask me why and how I came up with the solution. Because of the way he asked, I always thought my answers were wrong and so I’d try to change and recalculate them.

To cut the long story short...

My homework started out on a clean sheet with the right answers to having most of the answers erased ( messy sheet) and back to the original answers because they were correct in the first place. My brother wanted me to have a reason for everything I did.

One day as I was seating in time out, I decided that I’d outsmart him. I started to practice the skill of critical analysis so I could be ready for him. I began to think hard before doing anything. I had to consider all kinds of scenarios and outcomes before doing anything. This time when my brothers asked me why I did something, I was able to explain first, the choices and then why I did what I did.

As I grew older, I took an interest in art, and I became obsessed with critical analysis of all types of art including billboards and print layouts. I always thought that everything could be improved and made better.

My Qualifications

When I moved to the US in early 2000, I was so determined to learn everything about design, so I bought my first computer and the Adobe Master Collection. I started to teach myself graphics and web design. At the beginning of 2003, I decided to take it further and enrolled in the school of Interaction Media at Mt San Jacinto Community College.

My Graphic Design instructor thought I was too advanced at so he advised me to go to an art school. I listened to him and decided to go to the Academy of Art University where I earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts in New Media and Web Design. This includes UI/UX, Print, Graphics, Motion, Web, and Interaction Design.

My Experience

Over the years I’ve worked in various industries. While going to school, I decided to get a job at a residential facility where we took care of abused and neglected kids. I fell in love with this job that for the next 12 years, I worked every day to make a change in the lives of these kids. For the first time, I was able to practice my problem-solving skills. I mean I was the adult working with kids with all kinds of problems.

While working with kids, I also continued developing my skills as a designer and also doing some freelancing. I also worked for a web design agency where we build websites, social media, and digital marketing. I also helped several nonprofits develop their web presence and create their print media.

Why I Do What I do

As a web designer, I was becoming frustrated with the fact that most nonprofits did not pay much attention to building their web presence. They had no budget for web and graphic designs and did not care how they presented their missions out there. In fact, most of the nonprofits I dealt with told me that they didn’t want their website or prints to look too professional and expensive because people would think they had money.

Another problem I found was that most organizations were just concerned about their mission and not how to run their organization. For example, almost every organization I helped did not have their website content ready. They expected me to create the content for them. As a result, most sites were incomplete.

Due to the frustration, I went through as a designer, I decided to let my problem-solving self-kick in, and I decided to combine all the skills I’ve learned from design and marketing to come up with a framework that will help small nonprofits to do the following:

  • Get organized by defining their purpose.
  • Email list building.
  • Help nonprofits design better websites by understanding their donor’s journey.
  • Teach nonprofits some new ways of raising money online.
  • Teach nonprofits the tricks used by marketers to boost their donor acquisition.
  • Educate nonprofits on the best practices to build and maintain stronger online donor communities.

If you are an organization or someone who...

  • Is passionate about growing your online donor community.
  • Wants to learn new trick and trends about how to build a strong web presence,
  • then you’ve come to the right place.

As a problem solver, my goal is to make sure that you have the tools you need to be successful. The world needs you more than ever before.

I hope that the information you find here will push you just a little bit further than you were before.

Let’s Change The World Together.

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